My Brother(‘)s Keeper, 2018

Tempting Failure, Croydon

photography by Julia Bauer

string, bike wires, bike handle, flower, salt, wooden palette, soil, plastic bags

dimensions variable 

My Brother(‘)s Keeper (My Brother is Keeper) challenges the nature of Black masculinity in the format of a ritual. Looking into certain callous modalities that have been formed through imperialism such as phallus flaunting, heterosexism and dominant Black male surveillances on Black bodies such as myself. The piece seeks to propose questions such as the what’s and why’s of specific long-term dysfunctional modes that masculinity has propelled onto many bodies. As labels become our daily bread in a society that one could say is politically benefitting from may also be the prominent reasons caging the navigation of certain demographics.

My Brother(‘)s Keeper was created in partnership with project mentor and artist Jamal Harewood.