My Mother’s Taught Me, 2018

]performance s p a c e[, Folkestone

video performance - installation

filmed by Matt Mahony

cardboard box, dominoes, keys, trousers, trainers, belt, socks and sweat

dimensions variable

‘The memories parameters bestows upon us a deep complexity we are forever in constant back and forth with in attempts of retention and recollecting past events’ My Mother’s Taught Me was created in a venture to display the phenomenological echoing of cultural collective memory and its importance in symbolism inside of the Black diaspora’s psychological hive mind. Whereby it centres remembering the nuances of cultural memory in moments whereby retention of childhood experiences were not held in such regard during the moment we lived them. Jogging from ]performance s p a c e[‘s gallery to Sandgate involved carrying a cardboard box once belonging to a local Afro-Caribbean food shop where ripe plantains had once lived were then used to store dominoes in. Dominoes is played with a particular modality in Caribbean culture, it is slammed down with force on tables filled with close and distant relatives as laughter impedes the amplification of sound emitting from the dominoes. Sounds heard in childhood were then attempted in the performance as I ran to the coast of Folkestone. The piece puts an emphasis on how the recapitulation of movement and sounds interrelating can be a sensory vehicle to civ through the compartments of our phenomenology.