James Jordan Johnson (b. 1997, London) is a live artist, documentary photographer and assemblage artist. His work deals with the political segments of Blackness and the Black body in proximity to the variations of architecture, institutions and the hosts who occupy those spaces. Although his work sits under the umbrella of performance art he considers his work to be ‘body rendering in real time’, looking into the political aftermath of real time events. Conjoining his bodies paradoxical modalities through the use of repetition in a set of movements, the body as a multidimensional material and the initiation(s) of healing that sweat can provide as a basis for (and towards) the deconstruction of said subject matters. He graduated in BA Theatre Arts at Middlesex University in the year of 2018 and has most recently taken My Brother(‘)s Keeper to Live Art Bistro in Leeds.

full curriculum vitae upon request